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Otis Conner, Directing in Dallas

This “directing” thing is pretty awesome! You get to say “action” and everybody goes to work! You get to say “cut” and everybody stops! And if I do something wrong, you jut say “let’s take one more” and they do it all over again! Isn’t that great!!! They don’t even notice that it was my fault!

The Axcess Group welcomes IHANGTVS.COM

The Axcess Group is shooting the new #WBRC commercial for IHangTVs.com on their green screen today. Ferlando and Shelby Parker, owners of IHangTVs.com are working on set with the team. 

WDIV-Detroit Client in The Axcess Studios Today

The #Axcess Group is excited to welcome Lawrence Levy and Randy Otis from Levy & Associates. Levy & Assoc. is a brand new client of The Axcess Group and we are shooting and recording voiceovers in the Studio today.