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Welcome to the official Otis Conner and The Axcess Group website. On our site you will discover the many unique facets that make up his life story, while experiencing some of the amazing work that has made Otis Conner famous in the worlds of music and advertising. Please browse our site, read the Otis Conner bio, hear some of the great songs and campaigns, watch his most recent video production successes and view a few pictures from Otis' life. On you will gain some genuine insight into one of America's most creative and productive individuals in the world of music driven branding and advertising.

Otis Conner is the President and CEO of The Axcess Group, one of the oldest and largest commercial production and creative services companies in America. As President of The Axcess Group, Otis also leads TAG Automotive Auctions, AxcessDigital and AxcessSocial; cutting edge digital products helping clients manage every part of their business

The Axcess Group of professionals have written and produced a remarkable roster of clients, including McDonald's, AT&T, Ford Motor Company, Pepsi, Sears, Haggar, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Crest Toothpaste, Frito-Lay, Chevrolet, General Electric, Texaco, Smucker's, Burger King and many more.

Otis has been responsible for celebrated work in virtually every medium: recordings, radio, television, film and online, doing everything from creating music for such movies as "Reservation Road," "Life Of Something Like It," and Academy Award winning Writer-Director Oliver Stone's "W," "Talk Radio," and "Natural Born Killers" to writing, producing and directing music-driving branding commercial campaigns for McDonald's, Sears, Proctor & Gamble, JC Penney, Lipton, Clairol and dozens of other major clients.

In the process, Otis Conner has won multiple awards for his achievements in advertising, including 25 CLIO awards, the "Oscars" of the advertising industry. Otis has also won Billboard Magazine's award for "Best Radio Special Feature of the Year," The International Radio Festival of New York award for "Best Radio Program," Broadcast Promotion Marketing Executives' Awards for Television Campaigns, and numerous "Addy Governors'" awards.

In years past, Otis Conner has been named a member of the Steering Committee for the National Association of Broadcasters, and Parade Magazine selected him as one of the "Twenty-five Most Outstanding Young Businessmen in the United States."

Otis Conner has appeared on the nationally syndicated PM Magazine television show, has lectured and performed before the National Association of Broadcasters Convention, and is a popular guest speaker at Ad Leagues throughout the nation and overseas. He is a frequent contributor to trade magazines as guest columnist and industry spokesman and has been quoted in publications as diverse as Newsweek and Advertising Age.

Otis remembers that his salad days in music and video weren't all champagne and caviar. His career began in the early sixties on the back of a flatbed truck in a grocery store parking lot where The Swingin' Conner Family first performed. Bond Bread initially sponsored a C&W band formed by Otis and his four siblings to tour rodeos and county fairs promoting the brand.

Being asked to play the New York World's Fair gave the band a unique showcase, and more national exposure came when they performed on Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour. They went on to appear on bills with The Beach Boys, Sonny and Cher, and The Smothers Brothers, touring all across the nation

It was during this youthful period as a performer that Otis Conner discovered his remarkable talent for songwriting. His facility with words and effortless ability to create memorable melodies resulted in an outpouring of songs and commercial music that continues to this day.

Music is not Otis' only talent. Today, he is not only a composer/songwriter, but also a producer/director whose skill with a camera has resulted in celebrated commercials seen in markets from coast to coast. His passion for technology ensures he always has access to the most amazing, cutting-edge equipment.

Perhaps his proudest achievement is his daughter Lacey Conner. Nationally recognized as the slinky siren of such shows as VH-1's Rock of Love and Charm School, Lacey also has a flourishing career as a singer/songwriter in her own right, including as lead singer on a world tour with Lords of Acid. But her diva status didn't happen by chance. It stems from a musical tradition that is the Conner family's legacy - a heritage of which Otis Conner remains the primary standard bearer.

Happily married to the lovely Karen - for whom he has penned several songs - Otis is now in a phase of his life when many such high-achieving individuals would contemplate resting on their laurels. Yet his enthusiasm and drive are unabated, his inspiration and creativity are undiminished. And as a result, he continues to be one of the advertising world's most original and successful practitioners - the one and only Otis Conner.